Cinemacy took a little trip to London last month and stumbled upon “Bond in Motion”– the most successful exhibition in the history of the London Film Museum.

The exhibit features over 150 original artifacts from all 24 Bond films, including iconic cars and various miniatures, concept art, costumes, storyboards and more. The entire museum is dedicated to the franchise, with no end date currently scheduled.

The first James Bond film premiered in 1962 with Ian Fleming starring as 007 in “Dr. No.” Since then, there have been 6 James Bond actors (R.I.P. Roger Moore) and 23 additional films, making this franchise one of the longest running in cinema history.

“Bond in Motion” is a treasure trove for 007 fans and film buffs alike. Surrounded by never-before-seen concept art, Bond’s unique and infamous gadgets, and the most memorable cars from the latest film “Spectre” (starring Daniel Craig), this exhibition is certainly not to be missed. While there is no Los Angeles date set yet, we’re hoping it will find its way across the pond soon. Until then (or unless you find yourself in London’s Covent Garden), get your inside peek at the treasures that await in the London Film Museum, which are certainly not “for your eyes only.”