Last Sunday, December 3rd, Cinemacy was invited to cover an up-and-coming series of short films at the Downtown Independent.

Maxwell Morro, a longstanding friend of Cinemacy, along with co-host Mary Rachel Gardner, founded and hosted Sunday’s event. Showing seven short films in total, (including one starring Gardner, and one directed by Morro), this gave an array of emerging filmmakers the proper venue to display their work, bolstered by a full house of filmgoers. The seven films represented a range of genres and talents and ran between 5 minutes and 50 minutes.

While both Gardner and Morro have hosted screenings before, this Showcase marks the beginning of their goal to make this a regular staple on the film calendar. Their intention is to host a showcase quarterly, with the next one planned for Spring 2018. Here is a summary of the seven films highlighted in this season’s ICS:


Writer/Director: Ezra Albarran

Genre: Drama, Romance

Synopsis: A short story about two recently torn apart lovers, Josh & Lani, spending their day contemplating the question…is love truly worth fighting for?


Birthday Girl

Director: Tony Pagliaro

Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: On the eve of Erin’s birthday, the universe has one more surprise in store for her. Coincidentally, so does she.


The King of Spades (Ep. 5 of The Spades Series)

Writer/Director: Joe Raffa

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: A poverty-stricken young man in need of guidance crosses paths with an aging prizefighter searching for redemption.


Loved Ones

Director: Ryan A. Nichols

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Synopsis: A recently widowed outlier is confronted by a malevolent, supernatural force during a time when humanity and the world near a certain end. In order to restore balance, she must accept a theory that suggests she is the only living person to defeat it.


The Minuet Trilogy

Producer/Director: Maxwell Morro

Genre: Romance/Experimental

Synopsis: A young couple dreams of recollection involving their passionate relationship

with each other.


Replacing A Husband

Director: Theo Trepca

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Recently widowed, Beauty relearns to live as a single woman in a conservative and patriarchal commune.


Director: Alexander Falcon

Genre: Thriller/Drama

Synopsis: Anthony Miller’s world is set ablaze when he decides to answer one late night phone call.


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