Review: ‘Touchy Feely’

This Lynn Shelton directed 'dramedy' is sure to be an indie success; not only does it have an experienced director at the helm, but also touts a great ensemble cast familiar with the mumblecore genre.

Review: ‘Una Noche’

Perhaps the only thing more impressive than all of this is seen in one of the film's final frames, a black title card reading: "Inspired By a True Story."

Review: ‘The Lifeguard’

At what cost is Leigh, a 29-year-old New York City girl struggling with that age-old question, “what am I doing with my life,” willing to hold onto her youth? Is her summer romance with 16-year-old Jason just the attention she needs to feel young and beautiful?

Review: ‘Abigail Harm’

If you're looking for the next surreal-indie-art film, look no further than "Abigail Harm." It is, at the core, a story about loneliness and the humanistic desire to be loved. Cinematically, it has that beautiful Terrance Malick look of surreal-ness in subtlety.