Review: ‘Enough Said’

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the latest indie film from director Nicole Holofcener, and rightfully so. “Enough Said” is not just a refreshing comedic love story, it’s also the second to last film starring James Gandolfini before his unexpected passing in June.

Review: ‘Touchy Feely’

This Lynn Shelton directed 'dramedy' is sure to be an indie success; not only does it have an experienced director at the helm, but also touts a great ensemble cast familiar with the mumblecore genre.

Review: ‘I Give It A Year’

Boy meets Girl + They fall in love= Happily ever after. This is the formula for many romantic comedies, but when the screenwriter's past work includes "Borat" and "Bruno," you know this is not going to be your average rom-com.